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PC/Laptop Repair

W are delivering the right ICT solutions for all of our customers, backed by an outstanding level of service and price that we know you will be extremely pleased with.

Tablet Repair

We can repair smashed or cracked screen, faulty charging ports, damaged home buttons, microphones, speakers and most other things in between..


Computerij online shop offers new, refurbished and used products. Every thing is with full details and specifications with an easy payment steps.


Installation, upgrades or maintenance and support, we will work with you to resolve the problems in your home/office.. Network switches, routers a, Data cabling. Network diagnostics


We provide effective security solutions to our clients through professional CCTV systems installation, an excellent maintenance service and a one year on-site warranty.

Preventive Maintenance

The main aim of preventive maintenance is to prevent the failure of equipment before it actually occurs. We do two types of preventive maintenance, planned maintenance and condition based.